Welcome to the Greek Mythology page! Here you'll find ALL the information you need to complete your mythology project. First, have a look at the rubric and checklist. This will help you make sure you know what is expected of you.

Now for the fun part, the research! Here are several links that are approved for your research. Don't forget to include all the sites you used for your project in your final product.

Greek Gods and Goddesses
  • Go here for all your basic Olympians information.

Famous Greek Myths
  • Here are your most famous myths! Pandora's Box, Prometheus, Perseus and Medusa, etc.

Ancient Greece
*Everything you'd want in ancient Greece! Myths, legends, Gods and Goddesses, wars, fashion, a timeline, famous Greeks, seriously everything.

Winged Sandals
*This is the perfect site to SEE your myth or God/Goddess/Hero. Check out the "storytime" page and watch your myth come to life!

  • More information. Also has a family tree which could be VERY helpful.

Greek Gods and Other Myths
*A great site for everything.

Richie's PowerPoint (Perseus)

Grace's Power Point (Artemis)