Virtual Field Trip activity of Ancient Athens

- Agora (read, interact, answer questions)

- Acropolis / Parthenon

- Greek Life ( On link with house, also do Story)

Ancient Greece Part 1!!

reminder the test is TOMORROW!! Here is the link to the jeopardy game to review :)

Greek Myth / Legend Project

As a reminder, your Greek myth and legend projects are due THIS THURSDAY ( April 10.) If you go to THIS LINK, you will find all you need for the project including the checklist, rubric, and tons of approved research sites.

Ancient Greece!!!

Tuesday March 25
today we are doing a Webquest. Follow the directions on the webquest HERE and be prepared to use your notes later in the week.
    • Any questions not answers are homework due Wed 3/26**

Ancient China: Continued Schedule

Monday 3/10: Review Qin Dynasty
Field Trip!
Discuss Han Dynasty
Show rest of Myths / Legends
HOMEWORK: comprehension and Critical Thinking Questions (page. 153)

Tuesday 3/11: Review Han Dynasty
Discuss Silk Road, other contributions of Han Dynasty
Review sections 1& 2 for Thurs. test
Timeline Review activity

Wed. 3/12: Complete comprehension / Critical Thinking Questions together as class
Video review
Study time

Thurs. 3/13 : TEST!!!

For review material and a copy of the review sheet, visit my Ancient China Review Sites page HERE

Ancient China: Geography

Homework assignment, 4/12 (due 4/14)
Update Wikispace page (

Step 1) On your wikispace page, review the geography on Ancient China.
List its attributes and any advantages or disadvantages on its geographical features and surroundings.

Step 2) Include at least 4 pictures of China’s geographical features and at least 1 map.


-After playing the game for 45 minutes, take 5 minutes to update the Civ worksheet

-Homework: Write a journal entry about the days gameplay (On your personal page to the right of the home page)
*What did you learn
*What would you do differently
*What surprised you
*Any other observations

Week of 1/7-1/9

-Read sections 2 and 3 on ancient India and fill out comprehension questions at end of sections
- Write a journal entry about either or both Hinduism/Buddhism

Week of 1/13-1/16

-Finish up journal entries
-Present journal entries to class throughout the week
-Delve more into the history and importance of Ancient Indian Religions

Monday Dec.16

1) Test on Ancient Egypt
2) Begin reading section 1 on ancient India (page 106-11)
3) Complete guided reading and review worksheet.
Homework: Finish guided reading and review worksheet,Cause and effect worksheet

Tuesday Dec. 17
1) Discuss section 1: geography of ancient India
2) Discuss homework from last night
3) In class, begin answering Comprehension and Critical Thinking questions (page 111)
HOMEWORK: Finish comprehension and critical thinking questions (page 111)

Wed. Dec. 18

1) Quiz on Section 1 of ancient India
2) Go over homework from last night
3) Watch video on Lost city of Mohenjo-Daro and fill out worksheet (why the city is crumbling apart)
4)Read pages 112-113; write a short paragraph about what you believe life would have been like in Mohenjo-Daro.
HOMEWORK: None! :)

Thursday Dec. 19

1) Geography bee


--Tonight's homework is the review pack: Part 1 (Geography) ---
Here is a link to the review pack

To comment on other students' journal entries follow these directions.
1) On the right side of the home page, there is a Navigation bar, that included a page called "Journal Entry". Under that title are two little links "pages" and "changes."
2) Click the "pages"link.
3) Now you should see on the LEFT a drop down menu that says "Journal Entry, Egyptian" Click that drop down menu and VOILA!! There are all your classmates journals!

Wed. December 4

1) be prepared to present your deity journal to the class. Keep it short and simple.
2) Fill out the class deity sheet. KEEP UP! There will be questions about them on your test!
3) Begin homework (Section 4 assessment, pg 93. Key terms and comprehension questions ONLY)

TOMORROW: Quiz on Section 4!!! (Ancient Egyptian Culture)

Tuesday December 3

Today we are finishing our discussion on Egyptian Culture.
- Yesterday we talked about the lives of Ancient Egyptians.
  • What can you remember about their social classes?
1) Read quietly section on Egyptian Writing and Science / Medicine
2) Answer the following questions in your notebook. Be prepared to discuss them.
  • Why did Egyptians begin using Hieroglyphics?
  • What are some similarities between Hieroglyphics and other writing?
  • How did Egyptians determine the length of a year?
  • Why do you think Egypt was known as a land of great learning?
3) After class discussion, you may either work on your Deity journal, or you may start on Wed.'s homework; the assessment questions on page 93. (just key terms and comprehension questions.)