Civilization Video Game Entry 1
Date: 2/3/14
By: Allison Owen

Today for the first time I played the Civilization game. I thought at first it was a little confusing at first but after playing it for a while i got the hang of it. The leader i chose was Asoka. I chose him because he was very warlike but then didn't like war so converted to Buddhism. So far i have a score of 90 points, 1 city, and a population of 1,000. Today i also founded the religion Buddhism. I have observed that there are many trees and lakes where i have stationed my city. I have not had any attacks but i have met Mongolian who is very good at war. My solution was to cause peace with him. I have also found my partner's player and we have agreed not to kill each other yet. I am very happy i have a religion and a farm now but i still have a very long way to go!

Tomorrow i want to improve the amount of people i have along with the score i have. i hope to also make more huts to earn more money and to build more cities. I am hoping not to get attacked often but i probably will, for i do not have much protection. I still have far to go! Wish me luck!

Civilization Video Game Entry 2
Date: 2/4/14
By: Allison Owen

Today was the second this week that i have played the Civilization game. I was still a little confused, but my partner ,Micheal, helped me to decide on what to do. I have run into two leaders today, who i both did not want to have war with! I am starting to work on getting Hinduism so i can have two religions. So far i have a total of 137 points, 2 cities, and a population of 4,000. Today i have learned not to build cities in the jungle because my people will get sick if i do. Thanks to Mrs. Powell! At the moment i am in the year 2200 B.C.and i think i have started to build the Great Stone Hedge. I also have made many more farms and have convinced Micheal not to go to war with me, yet. I have also found out that one of the people i have ran into didn't like me very much, but Mrs. Powell explained to me that he might have not liked me because he was against my religion of Buddhism. I am hoping he will not come back and attack me again.It may look like i am far but many people are further then me! i still have a long way to go.

Tomorrow I want to improve my protection, make more cities, planet more farms for food, and hopefully finish the Great Stone Hedge! I also hope i do not get attacked while doing this all or that my people will not get sick! Wish me luck for Thursday!

Civilization Video Game Entry 3
By:Allison Owen

Today i did not play the Civilization game because we had to go on a field trip, but i still thought about it! I was thinking on what to do different and what to improve. i found out i should improve my land, food, population, and culture since those are going to be what we are going to be graded on.I also knew i should probably get more protection, for my land is not very well protected. The game also depends on score so i should also work on my score a lot too. I am pretty sure my people are doing okay...expect for the fact that they might need more food! Well since i didn't play today i do not have much to say! So wish me luck for tomorrow!!

Civilization Video Game Entry 4
By:Allison Owen\

Today i played the civilization game and it was awesome!! I have finished building the stone hedge and started building the Oracle. I don't think i will have time to finish building the Oracle, but at least i started. My cites names are...Igon and Delha! I have improved my population to 8,000 along with the religion of Buddhism! Today i was called Allison the Glorious and i joined borders with 2 rulers. Although many rulers still don't like me...i am still trying to have peace with them. Me and Micheal both got the Alphabet and accomplished many things together. I am very happy that Micheal has not killed me yet, but who knows? I have finished getting a scout and polytheism. This game has been great fun and i really hope to do it again some time! Thank you Mrs.Powell!

Next rime we play i want to get more protection for once again i am not very well protected! I also want to spread my land farther and trade with Micheal. I hope to get a better score and build iron works so i can chop down trees! This is so my people wont get sick from the foul jungles! Wish me luck next time!