Ancient China's Geography is amazing and unique. Although it may seem awesome it would be very difficult to live there because of its geography. Ancient China's geography is made of rivers, seas, monsoons, dry climate, and mountains that surround the perimeter.

Ancient China had many rivers, but they were mostly worried about one particularly river. This scary river is called the Huang river, or the Yellow river. Although this river has loess that makes the people have fertile land for there crops it also causes many deadly floods that have killed many people. The people tried to use dikes, or strong barriers to block the water, but the river over powered the dikes and caused even more floods. Although this caused death it still made fertile soil and top soil so mostly everyone lived on the bank of this mighty river!

China also has mountains that surround them so they can not get to any places like Egypt, India, Rome, and Greece. Although the people did know a few things about these places they didn't know a lot, like most places did. The people soon were very sure they were at the center of the world, they soon called themselves the Middle Kingdom.

In the south of China the climate is mostly warm and wet. Monsoons soon take over and bring heavy rains to southern China through March and September. For most of the rest of the year their is little rain.

In the North of China have intense summer rainy seasons caused mostly from monsoons. For the rest of the year ,however, their isn't much rain. this causes the climate to be very dry.

During the flooding of Ancient China from the Huang river grew fresh soil as you know. From this fertile soil Chinese grew millet. Millet is a type of grain Chinese people ate. Millet has been a big part of Chinese diet for many years.

This is all about Ancient China's geography. i hope you have enjoyed reading about Ancient China! Thank you so much for reading this report! To see more you can look at the pictures below!

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Writing Activity
By: Allison Owen

My head broke the surface of the Yellow river. I knew immediately that the dikes ,or barriers, we used to block floods failed us and left us the biggest flood we had ever seen.Then i realized today was going to be full of hard work to fix are city back to normal. I grabbed a hold of a broken table top and heaved myself upon it. Once i settled myself upon the table, i dug my hand through the loess ,or yellow-brown soil, to see if i could find any surviving belongings of my sisters and mine. My fingers scraped against a type of sturdy metal. As quickly as i could i dug under the soil to reveal a Shang Bronze. A Shang Bronze is a type of bowel like thing that belonged to Kings so they could communicate to God. Even though I am not even the slightest royal it was still upon my parents, who later passed it to my sister and myself. Where i live a person can not have two girls and keep them so we had to hide my sister. After the death of my parents, the job of keeping us alive and hiding her has been up to me. I have guessed they kept my sister because of her beautiful brown hair and eyes. I am glad to have her as my own though.

Life has been difficult next to the yellow river, but it offers fertile land that helps me and my sister stay alive for many years.They geography offers deadly floods but it also offers a little protection with tall mountains and dry deserts. Along with all this it also has some ups and downs, like there are very strong monsoons and dry climate, sometimes. Although this is sometimes bad i couldn't ask for a better place to live.

My family is not completely wiped out, for we also have are ancestors. Ancestors are people who once were alive and free. They are who we are and who we are related to by blood. For all these years i have kept my ancestors name Zhong. This shows where we come from and that we alone are together in power, or i am for sister may not be known that she is here.

I have gotten the Shang bronze messily out of the dirty water. It ways a ton, for it is made out of bronze. The river is thick, but i intend to find my sister. I paddle my arms as fast as they can go, but still no site of her brown hair poking up from the water. I start to get worried. What if she is lost? What if someone has found her is she possible...? No..i firmly think pushing the thought away.

I think of the writing i could do when i finish cleaning this mess up. Yeah! Writing always cheers me up. if nobody knew that the Chinese ,Me included, created the first Chinese writing system i would have gotten so upset with them! Are writing could as be translated into other regional languages as well!

Normally a Chinese household would hold five generations, but my family doesn't for the same reason my parents have died. For you see my Family used to live peacefully in one house until we heard a noise. It was a curious noise, like a chanting of some sort. It was a rebellion against our king. My mother pushed my sister and i into woods, for she knew anyone near the rebellion would be killed. For they would be considered a helper to make the rebellion happen. That day my sister and i ran away to build a new house for ourselves, for i knew there was nothing more i wanted then to see my sister see death.

I have paddled all the way outside looking for her but i still don't see her. I see many dead from this dreadful flood though. A few farmers i knew had passed. Tears are hard not to bring to my eyes. I take a deep breath and keep looking. Under Wood, next to old food, and anywhere you could imagine to look. Then i see her. Brown hair floating in the water. A body accommodating the hair is a pretty beautiful girl. I paddle harder and faster. Her skin is as pale as white. Her lips are as blue as the sky. I flip her over and feel her heart beat. There is no sound. I feel her pulse, praying. There is no pulse either. Chan Zhang is dead.