Today was the first day I played the civilization game with my partner J'kia. I have chosen the leader Darius the first of Persia. I messed up many times so i am a day behind. but i finally got the game right and built a city named Persepolis. I have warriors and archers and I am working on fishing. My score so far is 48 i have one city with a population of one and i currently have no religion and the date is 3800 B.C. Tomorrow I i wish to finish fishing, discover more villages, build up my culture, and not mess up on my game. Long live Persia!

This is the second time I have played the civilization game And i have finished fishing and begun construction on the great wall of china. I have made contact and peace with Russia, the Incans, and France. My city is also working on horseback riding. I still have no religion, my score is 103, i have one city and its population is 4. Tomorrow I want to finish the great wall of china and horseback riding. Hail Lord Darius!

Today is the third time I have played civ. I have finished the great wall and have begun construction on the pyramids. The year is 1480 and I have a culture of 157. Persepolis is stronger than ever with a population of 7, a giant wall around it, and scouts exploring distant lands. In the future i wish to finish the pyramids of giza, discover a religion and build up my culture. I have just begun so i have very far to go. i hope i win and as always POWER TO PERSIA!

John Jameson, Ruler of Persia and future Emperor of the Universe.