China was know to have lots of rivers including the yellow river. It was named for the yellow loess that settled at its bottom. A disadvantage of this physical feature is the deadly floods that could kill thousands of people. To control these floods these people built dikes to hold back the water like a dam but eventually the stored up water overflowed these structures causing more floods. China was also known to be very isolated because of the physical features that surround its land. China is surrounded by the himalayan mountains, deserts, and oceans.
this made their culture and ways of life much different than any other civilization in the world.

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The Yellow River, Hong Kong, bamboo forest, The Gobi Desert, and loess.
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Journal Entry/ Writing Assignment
I woke up this morning on my back. I stared at the straw roof of our hut. My seven brothers were all snoring on mats beside me. I had to wake up and do my chores while the rest of them got to sleep in. I grabbed my sandals and the dirty laundry and headed down to the river bank. The cool wind made my hair flip up behind me. I kneeled down with my toes in the loess. I dumped the clothes into the river and rubbed the dirt off with a smooth rock. I heard the sound of footprints coming down from the hill above me. I knew it might be bandits or thugs. I did what my father always told me to do if I heard someone coming. I hid behind the nearest bush and waited for my attacker to come but all I saw was my eager looking father with a scroll in his hand. He was calling my name so I jumped out from the bush and ran up to meet him. He told me he had just received word that the man that he had assigned to marry me had accepted and that I was to be married off tomorrow. All he could see was a look of pure fear and terror on my face. Married off? Was my happiness even important to him or was I just like a piece of land. He kept babbling on about how he was a successful young man named Yu Fo Yung and how he was very excited to marry me. But how could I just marry someone I haven't even met. Before I knew it I was being loaded into the wagon like a precious package and shipped away to this man. It took about five hours to get there but when we did I was stuffed into a dressing room and turned into a beautiful bride. I wore my mothers wedding dress and had her special flower clip in my hair. My face was covered in white powder and pink lip covering. Before I knew it I was shoved into a room and said to await for my groom to come. I knew I couldn't let that happen so I ripped down the curtains from the window of the hut and jumped out. I ran towards the boarder. I was going to get out of China and run away from my life their. I wasn't going to be sold of like property.