Ann Marie Galassini
Civilization Journals


Today in Civ I mostly did exploring and got used to how to play the game. I found a village and gained many new technologies. Two big achievements I made were declaring peace with Mao Zedong of China and beginning my building of Stonehenge. I started my city with a population of 2 currently but I hope to grow that in further playing time. I hope to finish building Stonehenge soon and grow my culture in my land.


Today in Civ I continued building my two main monuments, Obelisk and Stonehenge. I encountered Alexander the Great of Greece and declared peace with him. My population went from two to three and I am trying to gain a religion for my city. My computer glitched a little bit and my warriors became invisible but I still got some done. I would also like to start a farm and build other things to help my cities population and culture grow.


Even though I did not play the civilization game today I am still doing a journal entry. I enjoy getting to play this game but I'm still having trouble figuring out what I'm supposed to do in different situations. Otherwise I'm having a lot of fun and enjoy accomplishing things like finishing building things. I'm probably not the best person at video games and technology but I'm trying my best to work things out. If I could change anything so far that I have done I would have chosen another ruler because mine does not grow population fast and doesn't have much culture. Like I said I am enjoying the game and can't wait to play it more.


Today I had to play my game not knowing where all my warriors were because of a computer problem but I worked it out. My main accomplishment today was finishing my world wonder which was stonehenge. I also made peace with two other civilizations. Another thing I did was start trading with Germany. Finishing Stonehenge was a big accomplishment for me because I have been working on it the whole time I have been playing and it helped me grow my culture much more. I enjoyed playing the game and can't wait to play it in the future. I am sad we are done playing it but I am really happy about what I have done so far and I really wouldn't change anything I've done.

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