Civilazation Project Journal #2
Class: 6-1

Today was my second day playing the Civilazation game in Mrs.Powell's room.
My partner and I had alot of complications with our computer so we didn't get to play the game as much as the rest of our class.When we finally found a solution, but we only had 15 min. left to play, it was kind of disapponting but 15 minuets is always better the none. We had to start a whole new game but that was fine with me. Because of our game changing, my civilazation, Delhi, was moved to a reigon near the ocean so I guess it will be alot eaiser to trade. I also discoverd Buddhism and archery. This game is really fun and i hope my partner and I will get to play longer next time.

Civilazation Project #3
Class: 6-1

Today we did not play Civ but I am still doing the journal entry. I am having a hard time understanding what to do in different situations. Like building new cities and discovering new things. Besides that i understand it. Next time I want to build more cities and discover a new religion and writing.
I really like my ruler and my cities location. I hope it get easier to understand next time I play but since I am not a video game kind of person I think it will take me a bit longer.

Civilazation Project Journal #4
Class: 6-1

This week our class has played the Civilazation game. We all had lots of fun playing and competing. For me and my partner it was kind of hard to play at first because our compter broke-down, i guess, but even though we had problems with our computer we still had lots of fun and when the game was fixed we had just enough time to catch up to the rest of our class and we ended up wth a really good score of 194 and we got all the way up to 1960 B.C. in the game. It was pretty spectacular.
Today I discoverd writing and the alphabet. I also made peace with two other countries and built a new city, Lunacris, Besides that I really just did a lot of exporing. The game is reaaly fun and I had a great time playing