The Civ Adventure

Entry 1

Today I played Civilization the video game in social studies, I thought I would stink at the game, but I learned with my friends how to play the game. This game allows you to play through history and alter time by commanding your country and its armies. I played as Gilgamesh, who rules over Sumer. I started to make my city nugget land, I also found another city, Korea. The guy seemed really nice at first but, I learned that he is kind of a bad guy. I wanted to make some warriors to defend myself, but I started to build my culture up instead.

Entry 2

I played Civ again today, and I met my partners Tessa and Max who were doing well like me. I also met the Dutch, who seemed nice. I decided to find some technologies and get farther along int he game. Everybody took their time and thought their turn through before just doing, so it took time before I could do my turn. When I got to go on my turn, I decided to adventure out to find other cities besides the ones I already found. This was hard to do, so I went back home to build more things to grow my culture.

Entry 3

When I got to my computer today we immediately started to work. Then out of no where a thing popped up saying their was a virus. It took us some time to fix it but when we did, Tessa could start us up again with the first turn. When we were playing for some time, Mrs. Powell told us that it would be better if we had a world wonder. I decided to build The Great Wall of China, but I needed to get masonry and mining first. This would take the rest of the time in the period.

Entry 4

I really wanted to play so i started to work on my technologies. I couldn't do much but I did build some farms and connect them with roads to my city. The virus came back again and made us slow down. I almost decided to declare war on Korea, but Tessa told me I shouldn't. I went exploring again for a while. I didn't get to do much, but by the end I started to build The Great Wall. Mrs. Powell told us this was it, it was time to pack up and go to your next period, when I finally got the Great Wall right at the.

1) BRians China Geography Thingy