Delana King and Destiny Welch

1. The Ming Dynasty in 14th and 15th century


3.An uprising started with the Mongols

4.Chang'e and Hauyi lived as immortals in heaven. They had 10 sons. one day the 10 sons turned into THE 10 suns, causing the Earth to scorch. Hauyi killed 9 of the suns, so there was only 1 left.Then they made them become mortals and lived on Earth. Chang'e was really sad so her husband went on the trip to find the pill of immorality. He got the pill but Queen mother of the west told him to become an immortal and to only eat half. When he returned home he put the pill in a case and told her not to open it. After he left she was so curious that she opened it. He was walking in right when she opened it so she popped it into her mouth. And then floated away. She landed on the moon and became part of the moon!

5. It is so famus for the story because it was there story of the way that our moon was created.


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