My name is Woo. I live in China in the year 300. All of my family live together in a single house. I have lots of aunts, uncles and cousins. We all cherish each other and put the family's needs before our own needs. We also have extended family living with us. I do not have that much status yet, because I am only 12 years old. I will have a lot when I grow up because I am a boy and will become a man. My sister on the other hand, does not have a good status because she is a mere child and a girl. My great grandpa who is still living with us today, is the center of authority in our house. He has lots of privileges and is the most powerful person in the family. He decides who his children and grand children will marry. Sadly, one of his children was disrespectful to him and he was put into slavery. When my great grandpa dies his land will be divided among us. So each of us will then start with our own household. My mom has a lower status because of her gender. According to tradition, women are bound by the three obediences: to obey their fathers in youth, their husbands after marriage, and their sons in their widowhood. Four virtues guide a woman's behavior: morality, modesty, proper speech and domestic skills. When my mom got married, she left her household and became part of my dad's family. In her new house she was expected to obey her husband and mother in law. My name came from my grandpa Woo. All of my family have the names of their fathers. We don't have personal names, but I would love to be named James. I think that would be swell. I think a good name for my mom would have been Leanne. But Min will have to do. If I was in the United States, my name would Mao Woo, because in China our "last name" is our "first name". Thank you for reading and noodle on!